Rumpai Musim 3

The third season of weeds premiered 2 days ago in the U.S. on Showtime. We don’t have Showtime here and even if we did, I doubt if the authorities would okay a tv series based on the life of a pot-dealing single mother.

Malaysian fans of the show will have to resort to other, more legally-dubious, forms of obtaining episodes ie. pirated DVD’s or downloading torrents. For those of you who are already fans of the show, I bet you are as excited as I am. Especially after Season 2’s cliffhanger where everything in Nancy Botwin’s life (family, romantic relationship and her pot business) was on the verge of a meltdown.

For those unfamiliar with the show, whether you consume pot or otherwise, try to get it and I promise that you will be entertained.



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7 responses to “Rumpai Musim 3

  1. Ryna :)

    i consume the leafy ulam raja, mars bars, my tok’s coffee n some cat loving to keep me awake ahahaha!

    err.. nk tahu jugak la. any cd copies? cuz i dont hav dvd player at home *sigh*

  2. p

    ko dah download ke?
    nanti buatkan aku satu copy ye…
    my favourite M.I.L.F, Nancy Botwin…

  3. Ryna:) & p… illegal downloading and reproduction of copyrighted material is, erm, illegal. I watch my Weeds on Showtime during my US trips every Monday. I’ll try to tape the episodes if I can find me a VHS machine. Although they don’t sell VHS tapes anymore, I’ve got some old episodes of Opah and Hiburan Minggu Ini to record over.

  4. Sang Kelembai

    Hahaha… Sheriff, good one… If you got Hiburan Minggu Ini, bersama host anda… ‘Andre Goh’… spare me a copy… About previous seasons of Weeds, we’ll discuss this later… okay Sheriff?

  5. sQuint

    weeds? I was into Little People Big World 🙂 on 77 each and every day at 730am and 730pm…and out of a sudden, they off-aired it …doggammit! wtf…

  6. ted

    cam menarik jerk citer nie….kalau ko ada copy…britau aku ekk

  7. Ryna :)

    TQ TQ! insya-allah…

    looks like more ppl are interested in “weeds”.. bleh wat side income doing copies neh.. then again, it’s illegal hehe..

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