Kak G’s Fall

I’ve got a G&L ASAT Classic Tribute Series electric guitar which I bought nearly 3 months ago, second-hand from a guy who puts up instruments for web auctions. It cost me RM2700. It’s a nice guitar for me at least. It’s name in the household is Kak G. Two-tone sunburst tele body with white edge bindings on the front. Got a friend who freshened-up the intonation and now she really sings. Until she fell.

Kak GS, my 2 year old kid and I were watching something on Discovery Real Time when she suddenly climbed down the bed while I was distractedly surfing channels for something else to watch. Next thing I heard was the crunch and thud of a wooden item. I winced when I suddenly remembered I had removed the guitar from its usual location in the living room to the bedroom next to the dresser. True enough, when I turned round S was standing beside the guitar, which was then lying face down on the cold, un-carpeted hard floor. She had unlatched the locking contraption securing the neck of the guitar to the stand.

After I screamed her name, S started to cry as the weight of the situation began to sink on her. She knows I love that guitar, she helped me re-string it just the day before. I was angry and hit her hand a few times. A came in and I explained what had just happened and both of us began to coax S whose tears had already started to subside. S said sorry and I said it was okay and I asked her if she wanted to see me check whether Kak G was okay.

It transpired that Kak G was not okay. She suffered a bent pick-up selector and more distressingly, scratched 5th, 6th and 7th frets. The guitar had fallen flat, neck first, with the 3rd (G) string receiving the initial impact. When I played that string and tried to bend or vibrate it, the scratch catches on to the string and an unpleasant click is heard.

To install a new set of frets will cost about RM300. I could sand-paper the affected frets for free but the guitar’s playability will be affected. New frets, then. A lot of money to spend but the realization that S had brought to me concerning how much she’s grown in only two years is priceless.

Just tonight she was with me at the restaurant bar where Wan As was playing and was submitted to an interview regarding the morning’s incident. She said she was sorry and did a little jiggle in front of the drum set while Was As and the band were playing Kingston Town. I was having a beer, A some chicken wings and S some fries. S, my 2 year old daughter who possesses an ageless soul growing right before my eyes.


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10 responses to “Kak G’s Fall

  1. It looks like a Telecaster, man. Only Telecasters look good on me. LOL.

    Still want the shirt? Get in touch, bro.

  2. Auuuwww..such a sweet kid….

    *hugs and kisses from me for S*

  3. Sang Kelembai

    Oh Sheriff… sorry to hear about Kak G’s condition. That’s what happened if we have a little curious kitty in the house. Luckily Kak G did not fall on S.

    Should get a guitar for her. That’s what I did to ES. She had now lay her hands off mine. Left with another threat, well you know who… “Bill The Little Mohican”…

    If you come down, don’t forget about the CDs and DVDs. If can bring along that P’s Old School movie that’ll be cool too… Hope that Kak G will recover real soon. C ya!

  4. sQuint

    …and you’re into? wanna jam sometimes?

  5. p

    okla tu…dia dapat touch dari sophie..
    nanti gitar tu jd legend..
    bak kata mrbrett bad religion
    “treat your guitar like shit,
    itwill respect you…”

  6. Sang Kelembai

    Hahahahaha… P, ko ni suke sgt buat joke bangsat… sedakkk tuuuu!… No wonder aku respect ko… sebab ko treat aku like shit dulu eh… 😉

  7. p

    lol…aiseh chiep…did i??
    nolahhh….where got….?
    nolahh…*senyum malu*

  8. Sang Kelembai… The thing is, her Atuk has already bought her a guitar. A little red one but the strings on that thing had broken ages ago. So naturally she’s very inquisitive about Abah’s proper, big guitar. LOL.
    Will try to remember to bring those items for the KL trip. See you there!

    sQuint… right now i’m listening to a lot of Midlake and I’m totally a Padi freak. I’m (hopefully) setting up a rehearsal studio soon. We can jam there. I’ll keep you posted.

    Ahmad Kamal Abu Bakar… Just texted you and received your inebriated reply. LOL. Looking forward to hear from you regarding the t-shirt. FYI, also at a bar right now and apparently not very sober. Cheers!

    partimehousewife… Awww… S will expressly receive said hugs and kisses from dear Auntie.

    p… no serious damage done. You’re right about sophie’s touch… can’t wait to play the guitar after the fret change. p.s. still waiting for the hundred bucks (Last King of Scotland bet). 🙂

  9. A

    awww…..come on sweetie..with wifi at work u CAN update yeah….


  10. ahmad bEnda

    waaa gtar baru.. caya laaa… hok sedak2 takde keee? lama tak rasa usin kuantan ni…sure batuk anjing punya ni.hahaha… aku ingat nak mari sana ujung minggu ni tapi aku ada keje outstation la pulok… makang bewokk laa ape lagi…so takpe la,kite jumpe lain ari la ok?kim salam budok2… kt cikgu asma ape sume, takingcare carnalito… oralle essey wes ngopo iki worak eneng[chika+minang]ok chow bro…

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