Lipstick Raider

S the Red.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the perpetrator of the cosmetics bag raid has been caught red-lipped. Sporting her usual ‘Marilyn Manson-on-a-lazy-Sunday’ look, the serial offender’s expression might suggest guilt or apprehension upon arrest. But the authorities believe she is beyond the abilities of their correctional facilities. She will strike again. Soon.


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8 responses to “Caught

  1. Ryna :)

    alahai comelnyee pesalah! cemana bleh kantoi ni hehe.
    hmm, by looking at her upper lip, i can tell she’s good (observer).
    xpe, kena praktis lg :p

    oh ya, cantik lippie, what’s the brand? :p

  2. LOL, camana boleh TAK kantoi. Lippie nenek punya, so kalau nak tau brand kena tanya dia.

  3. brokenstarfish

    Uuu makk aiihhh… terkujat mex..

  4. umang aih….mex pun terkujat you olzsss

    *sorok red lipstick dalam drawer*

    she goes for bright red lipstick only kan??? kannn??

  5. ted

    hehehehe….skali aku tgk cam robert smith ler pulakkk..hehehe…mmmm…anak ko nie tgh practice emo kott…hehehehehehe…keep up the good work!!

  6. ted… anak aku emo? Tak mungkin siut, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Sunny Day Real Estate semua diharamkan kat umah aku. Influence Robert Smith tu memang takleh lari la kan. Ekeke.

    Ko buat apa sekarang ted? Ko duduk mana? Dah kahwin ke belum? Ko hensem lagi tak? Isap okok brand apa?

  7. Ari

    From my experience with this type serial offender, she MAY progress to striking other people, finding her victims – her dad when he’s fast asleep in front of the TV for example.

    Be warned!


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