Text Message to A

I wrote:

 “The way I’ve acted has been disgraceful. I know you need to be near her and it’s wrong for me to be selfih. Please forgive me. Anytime and every time we need to go, we’ll go together. Like a family should. Just bear with me if I sulk. I’m a bitch I know.”

She replied:

“You’re my favorite bitch! Now let me sleep this off so I can be a better person for you. Love you biotch! He he.”


The above texts were exchanged after a quiet disagreement I had with A regarding the current and impending frequency of our travels back to Klang.

A’s mother has been hospitalised and is still in the critical ward. Her liver has been leaking water into her stomach cavity. Yesterday they poked a little hole and drew out 2 litres of water. We’ve been told that it’s not really serious but the condition is causing very serious discomfort.

Groggy on antibiotics and Malaysian hospital conditions, she needs her only daughter by her side to provide what little comfort she can.

And I’m doing all this bitching about only having two weeks off from school, missing my guitar and not being able to enjoy my newly-fixed (after 1 whole hellish week) modem.

When I die  I’d probably end up in bad son-in-law hell. I’d be smoking a stinking hell cigarette with the other bad son-in-laws who conspire to kill or destroy the business of their mother-in-laws in day time Malay soap operas.


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9 responses to “Text Message to A

  1. u r such a lucky bitch .. truly loved by A and all….jeles meks nihssss…!

    *sob sob* over feeling!!!

    kem salam A. Doa dari jauh dari aku so that her mom health condition to improve..aminn!!

  2. Sang Kelembai

    Smoking hell cigarette only ah? Don’t tell me there’s no hell ‘joint’. Hell no, man! Hell no!

  3. LOL. Hell joints are prohibited in hell. Getting high is pleasurable and in hell there’s only hellish misery. Arghhh.

  4. Sang Kelembai

    What the hell?…What else can I say my hellmate?…Hell-elujah!

    p/s : Tell me if Hell-en Hunt will be joining us for the cigarette break, eh?

  5. heaven and hell… hell yeahhhhhhh

  6. pardon my intrusion. when I behaved in the manner you have just described, my other wholesome(the missus) would call me MCP. The cool cat that I am refused to be provocated. (I reserve bitch for the lady-person who collect the covercharge at no b****tie. we call her door-bitch and she likes it).
    Over the years I have improved to be a better son in law. You need to as you are A family. Taking care of aged parents is in rukun taqwa and the ten commandments. Your mother is her mother and likewise her mother is your mother.
    paradise is a better place, He promises. You are doing fine young man.

  7. inspigoblog… thank you for your kind words dear sir. It means a lot to hear that from someone who has seen it all.

  8. Ryna :)

    “…When I die I’d probably end up in bad son-in-law hell. I’d be smoking a stinking hell cigarette with the other bad son-in-laws…”

    alamak, tak dapat nak bayangkan la!

    i think it’s alright to bitch once in a while (but ONLY in certain circumstances). afterall, we’re only mere humans with feelings that are unable to contain sometimes. like everybody said, “Be patient and you’ll do fine”.

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