Kugiran Majlis Hari Guru

We just had an hour and a half worth of rehearsal this morning. It’s mid-term exams again and i could only request for my pre-recess classes to be relieved.

We brought our equipment to the music room. Set-up the amps, brought out the congas, plugged in and shot straight to business. A version of Nidji’s Hapus Aku. The kids were given a scrap of paper with the chords for the song scribbled on it. Verse Bridge Chorus. It helps that it’s a BIG song now on radio.

During this first and only rehearsal we worked on the song’s general arrangement. We had to do quite a bit of work with the percussive intruments and had to dispense with the congas. Just the shaker and one of ’em tubular bells on a string thingies. Indispensible in Malaysian nasyid. Kriiiiing.

So the intro’s a cluster of three notes, slightly overdriven on my G&L ASAT Classic or as my daughter calls Kak G. Then the shaker keeping beat with two acoustics playing the opening chords and all of us crash together with P’s old Squire bass. Then the singing starts and God bless those ears tomorrow.

Six or seven runs, no more. We stopped as the bell signals the end of recess. It didn’t surprise me that much when I realized that the boys skipped recess while rehearsing. It occurred to me that rocking-out was better than a cold plate of nasi lemak anyday.


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7 responses to “Kugiran Majlis Hari Guru

  1. parttimehousewife


  2. ye cikgu.

    selamat ya?


  3. exoticasyibba

    Happy Cikgu Day!!

    I’m so proud of you…Berbakti kepada nusa dan bangsa.Hope I can be like you one day; intelligent and sexy (am still B cup tho’) *double sigh*

  4. Ryna :)

    Selamat Hari Guru juga! (^_^)
    apa azam Cikgu tahun ini?

  5. fakap… ya selamat. 🙂

    exoticasyibba… LOL. Thanks. Me? Sexy? Gosh. That’s like saying an orange Felda lorry is a candy apple red Z3 bimmer. But thanks anyway. Heh. (Good luck with the B cup… eating raw chicken really helps).

    Ryna :)… azam tahun ni? Minum less kopi o and more plain water at the school canteen. Oh… And actually write in my Record Book instead of playing Dynomite all day long.

  6. A

    dynomite is addictive…not en.misai’s frown yeah….

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