A night at Shannigan’s

I’ve been a regular at Shan’s for nearly two years now. A far cry from your typical smoke-filled, crowded Bangsar watering hole, Shannigan’s is a quiet pub seemingly modeled from those old, rustic British rural town pubs. It’s got Scottish flags plastered all over the walls, a few beery posters and the obligatory big screen for those EPL matches.

The proprietor, a certain Shan from Singapore has been a resident of Kuantan for almost ten years. He and his lovely north Indian wife, Renu manage the joint with 3 other bar staff. They’re good hosts and Shan is a die-hard Chelsea fan. It’s quite a turn-off personally for me though, when he bugs me to bet on football matches. I’m among the few who don’t get football. Especially the variation where you sit around in front of a few beers and watch people in different-coloured shirts with corporate logos emblazoned on them pass around a ball to their multinational, overpaid friends. I’d rather watch Forum Perdana. Honestly.

Anyway, the night started with P, L and I driving over to the place, located just yards from the white sandy beach of Teluk Chempedak. P and I ordered our first draughts while L finished the last few measures of the Black Label they kept there (of two bottles received as a wedding gift). Then Ud came and we started on the tequila shots. They’re evil little shots they are.

Evil enough to induce P into thinking that Forest Whitaker played the high school principal in Boston Public. He was pretty sure of it and proved it by agreeing to bet that the Boston Public guy was the same actor in The Last King of Scotland. Which he most definitely was NOT. (Just googled it and the principal is Chi McBride). Tomorrow I’ll be a hundred bucks richer.

Tequilas anyone?



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7 responses to “A night at Shannigan’s

  1. partimehousewife

    P dah sober? ada nak bet apa2 lagi tak??

  2. mustaine


  3. p

    not fair…
    now u all know my weakness…
    next time if i’m drunk lets have a karaoke contest instead of betting on some nigger that lookalike..

  4. “They say the devil’s water it ain’t so sweet,
    But you don’t have to drink right now.
    But you can dip your feet,
    Every once in a little while”.

    (When You Were Young, The Killers)

    LOL. Gimme my hundred bucks!

  5. exoticasyibba

    Miss lepak-ing with you guys… *sigh* 😦

  6. exoticasyibba… Ditto girl… sigh.

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