Hell’s Fire Re-ignited

Mikon of Semusim Di Neraka has re-opened the gates of his fiery abode. The dark lord of Malay blogging now answers to the name of Ahmad Kamal Abu Bakar. A fantastic writer, he will knock your socks off with his existential meanderings, minimalist Malay prose and wry observations of contemporary Malaysian culture. All laced with irreverent, provocative, dead-pan, blasphemous humour.


Filed under anecdotal, appreciative

6 responses to “Hell’s Fire Re-ignited

  1. brokenstarfish

    Awesome. A long awaited series.

    Welcome back.


  2. Thanks for the plug, bro. Prolly the nicest thing anybody has written about Neraka. I just hope you don’t recommend it to your students. lol.

  3. Credit where it’s due. In another Malaysia, your work would be required reading!

  4. si fakap

    I second that! 😀

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