A roof that never leaks


The P Family House

Give me a day full of honest work and a roof that never leaks, I’ll be satisfied” Head Home by Midlake.

Excitement is in the air as P&L discovers a new place to rent together for the first time as newly-weds. Granted it ain’t a Victorian Mansion but it’s enough for the both of them. A spacious lower floor with a nook under the stairs with good acoustics. It’s only big enough for maybe 2 persons of average build to be in but I tried singing a few notes of a current favourite song and it sounded like Abbey Road. The kitchen already has a platform for the new washing machine and the master bedroom features an old-school wooden air-cond unit. Like the ones we had in our old musky libraries at school. It works too.

As I stepped beyond the gates onto the cemented front lawn and into the front living space for the first time this afternoon, I was hit by a sense of timelessness. The bare floors, creaking fan and old chinese new year greetings on the wall seemed frozen in time. For a brief moment I could hear the clatter of mahjong tiles amid happy laughter and the sound of a kettle hissing with steam from water for another pot of tea.

The place is, in a word, perfect. A balcony adjoining the bedroom upstairs for early evenings and beer. A front view of old shops, back-streets and the languid Kuantan sky. A back view of Kemunting’s old JKR workmen quarters. The only small drawback being the toilets which are of the squat variety. Not a problem for P though because he is, in his own words, “a cangkung boy”.

A prayer: Let the halls of the new house be filled with happiness and the walls bear witness to love. Let the floors shiver in glee at the prospect of future little dwellers treading upon them and let the windows bring light to brighten up the occupants’ gleaming hopeful eyes.



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7 responses to “A roof that never leaks

  1. brokenstarfish

    *tadah tangan* Amin! *tangkup muka*

  2. BooBy


    moga2 doa yang baik baik itu senantiasa dimakbulkan…. 🙂

  3. selebetrimba

    kudos to you!

  4. Ryna :)


    a home is a home is a home..
    no matter how it looks like, it’s still heaven (^_^)

  5. Ryna :)… that’s really the truth! if you’re in heaven, you won’t even be bothered to notice how it looks like. you’ll be too busy thinking how happy you are! thanks for dropping by…

  6. exoticasyibba


    More place to crash when i’m in town..

  7. exoticasyibba… Kuantan awaits you.

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