The Pelamin


S and Pelamin

Well the stage upon which the thrones where the two newlyweds, P and L, will sit and receive guests had been set-up. Its nice innit. Very colourful and the very the cinta-cinta gitu. I like. I was commenting on how nice it looked to A just now and must admit that we are a little bit envious since our own pelamin was nothing like the one they’re having. Just a few drapes hung in the background and us sitting coyly in front. Apa-apa pun, we’re happy for the couple and bet that it’s going to be a beautiful wedding.

And yes, that’s S beaming brightly with the big heart-shaped flower background. She’s tripping on rice and chicken she just had for dinner…mmm flowersh …pwetty…mmm …abah shirtless with a camera… mmm …must …try …to …smile



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6 responses to “The Pelamin

  1. A

    budak S jugak yg cute miut….hehehehe…..*sukahati la nak bias*

  2. Sang Kelembai

    Sape punye idea ah??..Teringat logo aiskrim walls la… Emm…terase nak makan aiskrim la pulak…

  3. fakap… thanx

    kelembai… ahaha kantoi… corporate images, you just can’t escape them

    tarantula… stail kuat maing la

  4. rina

    tersangat lah lovey doveyyyyy dan meriah!! rasa nak kawin lagik skali….

    *mata kelip2*

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