Smiling in pictures is so 2006.


The latest addition to the Sang Kelembai family is SA (middle, 6 months old), brother of ES (right, 2 + years old). Of course the one in pink and sporting the butch haircut is SNA who just had a rice-eating race with new-found friend ES.


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4 responses to “Smiling in pictures is so 2006.

  1. rina

    gambar ni buat aku confuse! suppose ade 2 kanak2 perempuan yang comel..tapi kenapa tinggal satu jek?!

    siapa punyer keje rambut SNA jadik cenggitu?

  2. To cut a long story short, mula-mula aku potong sebab SNA dok garu rashes dia kat forehead. Tapi sebab aku hairdresser yang tak bertauliah abis rambut budak tu chompang-champing. Pastu bawak gi saloon mamak kat Klang. Maka rambut baru SNA bertemakan Judi Dench+Halle Berry+Hobbit

  3. brokenstarfish

    NGKO memang kejam!

  4. rina

    huh..agak dah..mmg kerja ayahanda la ni.
    that explains why she’s not smiling!! LOL.

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