Post-Xmas post : *updated

Hope everyone had a swell xmas.

We spent ours at J’s parents’ house. S of course being the attention grabber with everyone swooning over her and holding on to her every word. Her version of the Holiday Standard ‘Jingle Bells’ was approximate enough to the original to have had everyone in stitches. It sounded like baby gibberish but it was unmistakably ‘Jingle Bells’. Or was it Spongebob Squarepants?

The site’s back to its original template. To those who were unable to gain access to the site in its temporary guise, this is what you missed.

I guess xmas will always be special to me regardless of my religious and cultural orientation as it is a time marking the union of two very special individuals who have given me life and put up with all my bullshit. It was also around this time of the year, 5 years ago that this blogger realised that he is indeed madly in love with the woman that is lying on the bed behind him right now, telling a story of monkeys and butterflies to our daughter.

My own personal sentiments aside, *two of the more relevant and eloquent Christmas messages I have read this year came from our very own Hishamuddin Rais, and our neighbour, hengki.

Happy 32nd Anniversary to Mama and Abah (25th December 1974).



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2 responses to “Post-Xmas post : *updated

  1. 🙂

    salam kenal juga,
    salam buat abah dan mamah..

  2. A

    love u too…hehe..*mush*

    and happy anniversary!

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