kuburan dakwat goes all Nip/Tuck on you

headstone_opt.gifBeen doing some photoshopping image editing lately.

Perhaps this has been an attempt at savouring the same type of satisfaction our dear old Mr. Joe Kidd savoured while conducting cosmestic surgery upon his site. He’s done a brilliant job and the already fetching site has indeed achieved near perfection at a profoundly cosmic level.

Always one for heaping compliments, me.

Googled for images using headstone as keyword and found the image at left. Using a pirated 7.0 version of a popular image-editing software, I resized the image, ditched its color, and put it through the stamp filter.

Any inquiries on the ethical considerations employed during the above process (i.e. not crediting the image source and/or using pirated software) can be put forth in the comments section below.



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2 responses to “kuburan dakwat goes all Nip/Tuck on you

  1. Ahmad Kamal Abu Bakar

    This new one looks so nice on a Mac!

  2. Gee, thanks. Still waiting for the day to look at one though. They are expensive these Mac things. LOL

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