Ricecooker goes all Nip/Tuck on Us

One of my favouritest sites, ricecooker, is currently undergoing extensive re-construction.The following is a disclaimer from the site:

ricecooker is having its face rearranged. the whole week will see this pages morph as we work on its new look. it’ll be ugly. thanks for your patience.

As a repository of all things d.i.y and independent, ricecooker is about the most reliable local source of information if you’re into punk and ‘alternative’ music or art, independent films, progressive politics, youth-oriented movements or just plain bored.

It’s also one of the first places where you can read the thought-provoking (and hilarious) writings of people like Hishamudin Rais. It’s the place to go when you feel that Malaysia is a dead-end joint with lifeless music, crap cinema and laughably boring politics.


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2 responses to “Ricecooker goes all Nip/Tuck on Us

  1. A

    today 6.11.06 b-day exoticasyiba-ay-amour!!!

    happy b-day darling. I knew u’d find this post somehow..heh

  2. hahahahha..mana tau ni?? i shy…
    thank you…nampak sangat i nie busy body! ;p

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