Blogging di Kuantan Parade.

It’s been a long week. It’s been a depressing one too. Had a few professional / carik makan issues to deal with, the details of which are too complicated and personal (read: boring) to divulge in at the moment. Suffice to say that the brain-numbing ritual that I call work will continue indefinitely.On a brighter note, Mikon’s visit to these humble pages has managed to cheer me up on two counts: I no longer have to speculate as to what really happened to SDN. Secondly, I feel honoured to have attained the interest and patronage of a fellow blogger whom I consider one of the funniest Malaysian around. This may sound like a shameless plug but I think there should be no shame involved in providing encouragement and praise to someone who deserves it.

Mokciknab is another funny blogger. Her blog is not political, not cynical, not desperate to please. She blogs about her life, her family and her longing for an absent husband. What may appear as narcissism to some quarters is to me unflinching honesty and brave acceptance of one’s life.

S is growing up right in front of my eyes. She’s quite a handful these days. Try and ask her if she’s a boy or girl and she’ll say with a slight frown and a grin: “Baaay”. It’s too early to tell if this is sexual ambiguity but the rest of the household considers this really funny. I am of the opinion that she’s not old enough to even be aware that the adults around her are categorized into male and female.

T (Shahkaratul Tarantula) is considering coming back to Kuantan. This, in any case, is good news. He’s been sending out resumes and is on the lookout for a job here. His engagement to H is fast approaching a December resolution and as far as i know, H has no problems regarding moving here. So, a pre-nuptial wish is appropriate for this couple. Happy engagement and may good things come your way. If things go as planned, I’ll see more of T and together we will wage our war against perpetual boredom.

Congratulations to proud new father, R. Another girl in the gang. Looks like we’re gonna be swamped with a little posse of nagging little riot-grrrlss. Not that that’s a bad thing.

Hi exoticasyibba. Come back soon. We miss you.


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12 responses to “Blogging di Kuantan Parade.

  1. A

    S better not be stuck in her ‘baaayyyy’ phase…or I don’t know what to do la wei….

  2. exoticasyibba

    I’m coming back to recruit your S and and R’s daughter to become Minnie Me!! Paris Hilton,Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie..hikhikhik..Miss you guys too 😦

  3. Mikon

    Passed thru Kuantan a couple of times but had never really hung out there.

    Were you in D.E.P.? Suddenly the name just struck familiar.

  4. exoticasyibba: see you masa Raya. Selamat Berpuasa. ehem. ehem.

    Mikon : Kuantan’s a cool town. Buzz me if u’re passing thru and a few beers will be coming down your way.
    I was never in D.E.P but they are very close friends of mine. Shahir / Acai (vocal/guitars) is married and currently living in Pandan Indah (probably quite close to where u’re staying). Asma the drummer is a teacher in Raub. The bassist is Tojeng (Shahkaratul Tarantula). I myself had been in Enslaved Chaos and Monsoon.

  5. Mikon

    Ah, Enslaved Chaos. Was actually going to mention Something Chaos cos I can’t remember.
    I know Acai tho I don’t think he remembers me. We probably live in the same apartment block.

    What happened to Monsoon? I saw that one show at NBT.

  6. Monsoon never had original material. It got tired of playing covers and had since disbanded.

  7. A

    right this minute, i wish i was anywhere but here.

    8.45 am, 13 Sept 2006

  8. exoticasyibba

    raya kat kuching la 😦

  9. A, I thought KD is banned at the office.
    At any rate, the world wide web is precisely what it is, its’s a wide world where one can tangle oneself in one’s own choice of web. Embrace this freedom, I say, and let not one’s reluctance to be somewhere stop one from being elsewhere. Entrapment is a terrible predicament to be in.

  10. A

    apparently only the sophie’s world entry/comments was banned…not this page…how to say no to jerantut??!!! have to be there at 9.30am tomorrow blardy morning….

  11. A

    aiyo…just read the comments and baru make sense…bukan here as in the website…here as in my carik makan place laaaa……………….

  12. A

    hello syibba…..we can raya in kuching if you can sponsor flight tiket….heheh….air asia pun jadik la…

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