Merde Kah : Oddball Soup & More


Just got this from Joe’s site.

For those of you who’ll be in town (I won’t, you lucky bastards!) check out the latest instalment of the unclogged series. I myself have been an ardent supporter/contributor to the series in past years and have been lucky enough to see Carburetor Dung’s last Malaysian show with Lee on vocals. I remember the roof of NoBlackTie being literally stripped-off during their set with Lee standing on the piano. Now that Lee is in Twin Carburetors, Carburetor Dung’s sibling band in Australia, those attending the show tonight will see Alak on vocals instead.

So, go to the show, meet new friends and celebrate Merdeka with others tired of Mawi and Siti.

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One response to “Merde Kah : Oddball Soup & More

  1. really cool flyer. check out the colours: merah, putih, biru dan kuning. incidental?

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