stick no billsIt’s very early Saturday morning (published times in kuburan dakwat are UTC time, approx. 8 hours behind), and I have just spent the last 3 or 4 hours reading A’s entries at her diaryland site. They served as potent reminders of our love, one that has endured despite the usual misgivings, bad luck and compatibilty issues that I’m sure many other couples experience in their relationships.

This coming Independence Day will commemorate three years of marriage. For me, it will be a day signifying 3 years of friendship and love. The day that I relinquished the bleak and random days of being single and set foot into unchartered territory.

These changes ain’t changing me,

the cold hearted boy i used to be”

All These Things That I’ve Done, The Killers

Alas, the cold hearted boy has only morphed into a cold hearted man.

In retrospect, there were a number of things I would’ve done differently. There were days when my assholeness reached historical heights and I’d hurt her. The things I say to admonish, provoke, belittle, patronize or condemn her could cause even the most loyal spouse to walk away.

But she stayed. She fought her battles and what battles they were. But walking away without a fight was never an option. It’s not her style.

An honest assessment of our relationship right now (i hesitate to use the word marriage for it sounds too technical and impersonal) is that it has grown and proven itself to be quite a resilient unit. One that has been further strengthened by the arrival of S.

I, as a rule, never pray. But I would want God to consider the following plea: Please keep us together.

When she woke up a few hours ago we had the conversation below (I’m E, she’s A):

E : How’s your sore throat?

A : Getting better. Been eating Strepsils.

E : Actually Strepsils only kills the pain you know? Your throat will heal itself.

(Prolonged silence)

E : How’s your blog pregressing? Any new entries?

A : Naah, tak tau nak tulis apa hari ni.

E : Write about Strepsils…


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One response to “Strepsils

  1. A

    aiyoyo….tadi terleave comment in your name la pulak….

    yeah babe..i love the pakwe who got me the strepsils…


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