Kombo Mombo

I couldn’t stop thinking how funny it was, on stage, strumming my guitar with the other combo members, playing Siti Nurhaliza’s Percayalah. Dressed from head to toe in black a-la David Copperfield, my gaze swept across the hall, trying to emotionally connect with at least one of the approximately a thousand people in attendance. It would be utterly satisfying if one of these souls could see the enormous, hidden laughter inside me.

The people we were entertaining were delegates attending a formal dinner in conjunction with the state Anti-drug Carnival.

The laughter I spoke of earlier was probably substance-induced. The joint i consumed on my way to the venue had definitely been absorbed into my system as we effortlessly slid into one of Mawi’s songs, the one he did with M. Nasir.

I looked at the V.I.P table and saw the Director of Education flashing a huge “I’m a big Mawi fan” smile. I imagined myself going over to one of the monitors and putting one of my feet on it, legs-splayed like Cliff Burton (deceased Metallica bassist) and banging my head for all its worth. It’s not like I’m THAT metal anymore but the thought of it put a sheepish grin on my face. One that i suddenly saw on the large video screen next to the stage.

While filming for a documentary in a US prison, Oliver Stone sniffed cocaine with a few other friends on an electric chair. It was his small way of thumbing his nose at the establishment. As ridiculous or futile this act of defiance might be to some, he got a kick out of it. I certainly did.

Belia Benci Dadah!!!


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